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Messages from people who have completed level 1 to those contemplating doing level 1

ORFF Level One Course was the best course I have been on all year. A definite must to all music class teachers out there – Christle

I keep having aha moments of new things I've realised I now understand. Had so much fun, learnt so much and can't wait to get back to class to try it out - Suzy

Absolutely loved the course! An absolute must for music teachers! - Eleni

Just put on your zaniest thinking caps and take everyone with you as you say, stamp, play and sing – IN THAT ORDER! - Jenny

Thanks again to the Orff team for an awesome week that flew by. Expecting a week of observing with the odd practical exercise, I discovered, instead, I had signed up for a week packed, very full, of hands-on-experiences, great, useful, and adaptable ideas from start to finish. The team were highly supportive and willing to share their knowledge, improving homework projects and supplying adaption ideas for my specific environment. Definitely well worth doing even with a very rusty music background - Margie

I enjoyed this course so much. In learning how to impart skills and give my students a grid from which to be creative and take risks, I found myself being more creative and taking risks. Orff works! Do the course! - Angie

I am amazed by the effectiveness of Orff strategies in the classroom. This course is a must for any class music teacher, it has transformed my approach and given a whole new outlook on class and group music lessons - Geoffrey

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